Best spirits for cursing ? No death necessary just want someone to really suffer

As the title states I don’t really want to just kill someone but rather have them suffer extreme agony and torment. Physical , mental, ect.

If the spirit chooses to kill them afterwards that’s fine but I don’t want to give them any mercy. Killing them would be just too easy.

I’m already having Belial do something for me and I’d rather do one thing at a tim.

I’m about to move jobs soon so I need to enjoy some results now and I’ll just ask the spirit for for me to hear about more later through coworkers I’ll still keep in contact with.

What spirits are best other than glasa labolas ? I thought he just likes killing so idk how good he is for a slow and agonizing end.


Marbas, bringer of disease.


I’ve also heard good things about Glasyas-labolas with curses.

Maybe also try Boginya Marzanna. She is the goddess of death and rules over winter.