Best spirit to remove a blockage in a working?

Is there any spirits you know of that would be willing to help remove a block in a working? I was told that it was a ancestral blockage or grandmother but I’m not sure how true that is. King Paimon comes to mind and sitri, not sure if they are the best for this situation tho.

The angel Sakatos, from Kingdoms of Flame.


Beautiful! Should I just do an evocation and ask this spirit to help? What offerings does the angel like?

KoF doesn’t mention offerings at all so you don’t need them, though he would probably appreciate something if you asked.

Yes, just evoke him.

Open his seal and call him. He manifests as an angel riding in the centre of a whirlwind and will remove any obstacles in your path. Please note that this includes obstacles within yourself as well as anything external.


Beautiful! Thank you so much! Do you happen to have his seal? I cant vinc it online.

No, it is only available in Kingdoms of Flame by EA Koetting, so it is not available through Google.
My computer crashed a while back so I don’t currently have my ebook version at hand so I am unable to post it.

Maybe I can take a picture of my physical copy with my phone…

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Ok thanks! I’ll be buying the book eventually for sure, I really appreciate your help!


That would depend completely on the nature of the working…