Best spirit or spell for a love+revenge combination?

My ex broke up with me in June but we still talk very often, almost daily. I have made a ton of progress in getting him drawn back to me emotionally, but the problem is that he has made no effort to actually get back together and in fact he seems to be resisting the idea. It’s frustrating because as recently as 2 weeks ago he said he loves me and always will, when I told him I feel the need to step away he tried to convince me to stay and told me talking with me has always made him happy, he’s said that no one else in his life cares as much about him as I do except for his mother, and he constantly thanks me for believing in him even when he doesn’t believe in himself. It’s like he subconsciously knows he wants to be with me and being with me would bring him supreme happiness, but something in him is fighting it (I think this is due to either his stubbornness, his depression and low self-esteem, or his mother’s influence because she hates me and it’s mutual). It makes me angry that he is so resistant to getting back together when we both clearly love each other and are very happy when we are together. It pains me when I feel he is rejecting me for no good reason, and I want him to feel this pain. A couple of nights go I wrote down exactly what I want in order to gain clarity into my own feelings:

“(Person) will become completely obsessed with me. The only thing he desires is to be reunited in a relationship with me. He feels desperate for me. He will lose everything in his life (job, apartment, friends) until he realizes I am his only source of happiness. He will take any and all action required to get back into a permanent relationship with me.This relationship will quickly lead to moving in with me and marrying me. He will never want or be able to date or talk to any woman except for me. He will be utterly miserable without me, and blissfully happy with me. He will initiate contact with me every single day, multiple times a day. He will chase me and will feel no fulfillment whatsoever until he achieves obtaining a permanent,committed, monogamous relationship with me. The more he tries to fight his obsessive desire to be with me, the more miserable he will become, until he has no choice but to submit.”

Given this intention, which spirits or spells do you think would be most successful to manifest what I want? I am strongly learning towards calling on an Intranquil Spirit but I’m curious if there is something that may be even more effective given my specific desires. I obviously have no problem with using black magic- in fact, I feel much more drawn to the dark arts than white magic- and I don’t believe that this work will cause me harm or somehow incur some karmic debt. Basically I don’t care how brutal I have to be, as long as my intention is fulfilled relatively quickly. Any suggestions? Anyone been in a similar situation with similar feelings as mine?


Oh sinfull one…me to I was like you but if you really I mean really love some one why you want to punnish him? I see this like a pack mentality and also is a bad mentality. Use spirits bring him back and fucking love him. Is just simple. Evrything is simple why we need to complicate??? I was so closet to get back one of my ex and make her suffer for what she do in the past. But i fond out this is a stupid motherfucker ideea. Why to consume energy for that???
Alt him go you will be allbright…

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I have been, and still am, it a similar situation. I’m trying to get someone back, but it’s more than just because I want to be with her, she’s currently pregnant with my child, my first one at that, and I refuse to miss out on this experience.

Many on here have talked about dealing with Duke Sallos for love related matters. So that’s what I did and started seeing some results, she started initiating contact through texts much more often and I took this as a sign that it was starting to work.

However, I had started connecting with King Paimon and I realized one of the things he specializes in is influence and control of others. So with this realization, I asked him to help me to influence her into wanting to be with me again. I’m not yet adept enough or talented enough to hear or see any spirits yet, so I asked him to give me a sign so that I knew he heard and agreed to help me. Right after I asked this, at around 12:30AM, she texts me out of the blue. I finished up my meeting with King Paimon, thanked him profusely.

I then text her back, and after a few texts back and forth she actually calls me, which is something she hasn’t done in a long time. I was so happy and grateful for this, that after I got off the phone, I called on King Paimon again just to thank him and tell him how grateful I was.


Poor u dear, life is not fair, is it
well, that’s why we choose to practice the Art, right?
Don’t be sorry for the past, and don’t worry about the karma, we’re witches, who live for ourselves but the others, just follow what you think that is right.
And if u want a spell for this, PM me


I really do not think that you or anyone else has the right to tell me that I have a “bad mentality,” am “sinfull (sic),” and “motherfucker stupid” just because my approach to this work is different from yours. I made sure to clarify in my original post that I feel compelled to work with dark arts in this situation. If you don’t agree with that method it’s totally fine, but trying to lecture and judge me comes off as condescending and entirely unhelpful. Plus, mentioning that I should “use spirits” to bring him back but not even suggesting which ones indicates to me that you did not reply to this in order to be helpful, but simply to praise yourself for feeling superior to me. I find that type of “help” gross and unnecessary.


Agree with you mate…cheers

It sounds like you’re making very good progress with getting her back. I wish you continued luck with that. Thank you for the link, I have heard a lot of positive things about King Paimon but I have never worked with him. I will do more research to see if working with him feels right for me. I guess my only reservation/doubt is that while I am confident King Paimon can influence people’s minds, I know he can’t make anyone do something they don’t want to do. Maybe no spirit/entity/deity/demon can “make” someone do something. which is where making my ex suffer comes in lol. I want him to be so miserable and fucked up without me, that coming back to me and being happy is the only logical choice and is what he will choose gladly in order to make the suffering stop.

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I agree with you completely. Everyone has a different path to walk, and by no means should we judge others for how they walk their own path.
Worry not of others opinions of you, for it’s theirs if they so desire, and concerns me not one bit.
By worrying of others opinions of yourself, you waste power, and have less power to keep for your own workings.
Likewise, others who spend their time worrying about you, have less power left over for their own workings.


Look into the intranquil spirit spell…they will obsses over you and be tortured until they returb to you…howeverrr they may not return all lovely and happy alsoo be careful with this spirit read aloot and do ur research before u do it… One more thing if u do decide to do it u have to cut all communication with him

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Thanks. I have been heavily leaning towards working with an Intranquil Spirit. Do you have any experiences with them?

Ohh and another question: you mentioned that if I work with am IS I have to cut off all communication with him. What should I do if he reaches out to me? Reply nicely, or don’t respond with a single word until he shows up at my doorstep begging to get back together? Some people say the IS’s work is done once you communicate with them, while other people say the IS will continue working on them until the relationship is reestablished. I’m not sure which is correct and I don’t want to fuck this up.

Intranquil spirit will end its task once you physically are with him…the prayer says that they have to grasp the 5 senses of thr person…

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I feel you. If you want to try something a bit ‘lighter’ before commiting to a IS spell, here’s a thread about making a lust sigil. I haven’t been on the thread ,or the forum at all tbh, for quite a while so i have no idea what the people still working on it achieved or if there is anyone still working on it, but if you feel like you have time it’s worth giving it a look and trying to see if you find anything or if you can tweak a sigil in there to make it fit your purpose.


Thanks for the link, I briefly tried working with sigils years ago and I never had any success with them. I think this implanted the negative belief in my head that sigils don’t work for me. I will say, I have been working on my ex for nearly 7 months. I’ve made progress, sure, lots of progress, but I still feel very far from my ultimate objective with him. At this point I don’t feel the need to go light; I am ready and excited to throw the most powerful shit I can at him because I’ve waited long enough. It’s time to bring out the heavy artillery to achieve the change I want :wink:


If you have any questions just pm me

Yes I’m in a similar situation only my guy blocked me and refuses to listen to anyone because I know he knows he should be with me so he keeps fighting it. It’s more of a pride thing that he doesn’t want to admit he was wrong and messed up. I even had a reading done with the Mambo I work with and she even said he’s coming back she just doesn’t know when. She said something about him being miserable and financially not well. As much as I want to believe this and feel it’s possible. I would love to do a similar working as you.


I’m really sorry you’re going through a similar situation because I know how bad it sucks, but in a way it’s a little comforting to know that other people are experiencing the same struggles too. I’ve done a LOT of energy work on my guy, and a few months ago he said he can feel my energy, and the intensity of my love for him scares and overwhelms him. He’s only ever dated women who have used him, so I understand that feeling genuine love for the first time in his life terrifies him because it’s new and unknown. I have read that sometimes a target can feel what we send but it’s so overwhelming that they try to put up resistance instead of accepting it. Perhaps the same is true with your guy? It’s funny you mentioned your guy being miserable and financially not well; my guy has very severe (untreated) depression and he has been going through a really, really hard time lately. He also lost his job few months ago and while he did find a new one, he hates his new job and it doesn’t pay very well so he’s been having some financial issues too. I say good lol (I know, I can be callous). Have you tried to do any work to break your guy down and get him to stop fighting his feelings?


I messaged you because this is eerily similar.

omg, this is the first time someone mentioned one of my posts! I feel loved lol


Just wanted to give a little update.

I called on an Intranquil Spirit 3x in one night. I didn’t do the spell correctly (didn’t use a candle or a cross), I just recited the incantation with a lot of power and emotion. I also talked to my spirit father that night. He is not really associated with love but He agreed to help me achieve my intention with my ex in exchange for some of my orgasm energy.

I just found out that 3 days after I did the IS incantation and made a pact with my spirit father, a very close relative of my ex’s was brought to the hospital in critical condition and it’s looking like the person may not survive.

When I wrote my intention, I wrote that “he will lose everything in his life (job, apartment, friends) until he realizes I am his only source of happiness.” Now he may lose a beloved relative. I am getting what I asked for.

This is just a warning to be VERY careful if you decide to take the route I am taking, and make sure you know of the potential consequences and that you’ll be able to live with them.