Best ritual to open your astral senses?

Hey guys I wonder if there’s a ritual that open your Astral senses and third Eye, I have been meditating for a few months but I still need a boost, I hope someone could tell which one it’s the best, thanks


Keep doing ritual and train yourself to see energy. One single ritual(unless extremely powerful) will not open your senses.
Maybe if you can find some good energy, then you can just visualize the energy opening up and basically forcibly expanding your chakras and energy centers.
Third eye is like a muscle. Either you spend many months or years exercising it, or your take that energy center and expand it to allow more energy through.


Try invoking a spirit you like to work with, having them inside you might help. The best analogy i’ve heard is that astral sense are more like muscles instead of light switches. Just keep trying to communicate, and clear you mind and try to receive


Gaze at Vassago’s sigil (I don’t know if Astarte has one too, otherwise look at a statue’s photo of her or such) and call him to that purpose; imagine and feel the situation as already real, then thank.
You may also repeat a sort of ritual consisting of assembled elements: vibration of bija mantras, concentration on the chakras, looking at a mirror or bowl of water (scrying).


Thank guys! Which energy work do you guys do?


Hi Chavo sorry don’t have any advice, but l just wanted to thank you for asking that question as l needed to know as well, and the above people have given amazing advice.


Meditation and astro music helps well along with teas and being around an element nature water air fire aromas as well help there is all kinds of herbs that can help to hope this small lost helps