Best Rites To Perform Before Year Ends

Hello Anybody is there any rites one may refer or may suggest before this year ends?

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"Gog, Magog.
Let this pupil be the eye of our mind and the goddess of our desires.
Masks of chaos, white in the face and black in the spirit, be silent before our power!
Gog, Magog.
Oh queen of the night, Lilith, goddess of the Black Moon and of bewitched dolls, you riding the chariot pulled by night winged dragons: bury the old year and every bad luck.
Let the new year rise, drawn by the Sun chariot!
Gray amber, essence of angelica and azure powder, open the doors of future.
So I want, so I can, so I command.
The sandy and hot East will go crazy like a hurricane. At West, the white shadows will be lost sheeps. Beyond the ocean a new eagle in the starry sky will join the red rose of the frost country. Science will marry a great idol to conquer every madness.
Oh warding genies, be near to us.
Oh Moon, purify our body; oh Mars, defeat our enemies; oh Mercury, make us lucky at work; oh Jupiter, bring us glory; oh Venus, give us love; oh Saturn, destroy every bad luck; oh Sun, give us gold!”

Now, in the original ritual there are supposed to be a woman as the pupil, gray amber, essence of garden angelica and dolls hanging from above representing the planets, each one touched with the magic wand when named… I simply go no-props, using the invocation in a slightly modified form.


Purge/purification energy of 2022 like bad energy, problem, etc from 2022 who is not good and not serve you in your ascension, gold, glory, gnosis. so it will not haunt you in 2023.

Lets make Every problem from 2022 stay in 2022.

I just use white candle, chamomile (you can use essential oils), lavender, and coffe for give boost power in spell/rites.

For candle magick i use C.Kendall method on his channel youtube the infernal obelisk with some (my) modification.


I think the whole new year, new energy can be applied pretty well either generically or specifically.

It’s a good time start a brand new project, take on a new energy, set goals that you can actually you keep, do something for motivation if you can’t keep goals and struggle to form new habits etc.

I say this because I think there’s already a lot of energy put out into these things, so rather than make resolutions and fail like most people, we are in a position to actually access our needs and wants and then take actions towards getting them.

As such I think road openings, block busters, clearing the paths and obstacles for the new year are also all appropriate. Initiations and anything related to a new path, a new you.

Things you’ve been putting off for the right time, weren’t quite ready for etc. would all be good things to start right now.