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So I am going to performing a evocation using the being Crocell pronounced crow-kell. And I will be performing the ritual on January 1st giving me proper time to prepare. This being has the power to improve mystical studies of texts, improve ability to learn especially when undertaking formal studies, and the power to persuade another person to indulge in desire for pleasure. Associated with white light flickers, the sensation of. Warm breeze texture of soft dry Earth. I will be using him to gain all these abalities and for a offering I promised to openly promote/discuss what he can do.
" A true magician understands"


@Aggontar_Blackfeet Invoke instead of evoking would be my advice.

Also, the fact that you need so long to prepare suggests that the ritual MAY be overritualized to the point of redundancy.

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I have done many rituals well only like 5 but anyway I’m just trying things differently going into with a different mindset than before. going to be using more than just my eyes and the sigil flashing to truly bring a being into your presence you have to set up the environment for it to manifest to physically appear

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You are right, an environment should be set up to assist manifestation, though at times they will still manifest at a simple call. All I am saying is that evocation isn’t as complicated as certain grimoires make it sound.


I agree with you 100%


I see you have been reading the book!

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You can also do this by raising the energies that align with them in the temple as well. Similar to how darkness can saturate the temple when working with some demons making it in time easier to work with them. The same idea can be applied to planetary and elemental spirits.


Yep time to implement!

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Another tip: every spirit has some… parameters that align to them. For example, Belial is associated with the texture of sweat on hot skin, the smell of sex and a brilliant white light.

You don’t need to change your physical environment as much to fulfill these parameters, because all you need to do is imagine these. Feel them as real. Then you just overlay them into your physical environment. You basically hold them in your “mind”, and then just expand them all over the room you’re in.

This will take place in the astral, and boom, optimal environment. :slight_smile:


THIS :point_up_2: :sunglasses:
Is EXACTLY what King Beleth was teaching me the basics of doing last night. A big part of the equation is not to try to control the emotion evoked. This is what i was told and it is not an easy thing to do for some since it requires surrendering control in one aspect completely.

“Let it consume you as it flows through you BUT do not let it rule your mind, Control the mind while the emotional energy explodes within. Then hear it roll through you unleash it through your voice, SHOUT it out of your being and let it erupt into your environment. Then you can either let it linger to experience it and saturate your bodies and manifest in your life or rebalance it through will and sound.” -King Beleth

For me this was done through intonations of single syllable sounds and combinations of sounds. If each of these were traditional seed sounds i have no clue :confounded: was so out of it after the ritual i forgot to write um down. Gonna try to record and look into it next time.

But it works for emotions and sensations. :wink:

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Ritual Has been completed today now we wait. Speaking to him was different bc we where already talking before the ritual now everything has been sealed in writing and burned I will keep updating any questions pm me