Best resources to learn about northern aka Germanic aka Norse heathenism?

Can you recommend any good books or authors with good information on Nordic aka Norse aka Germanic heathenry, deities, ways to connect with the deities? I’m feeling inclined to try and learn about my ancestral deities beliefs and the like.

Also wouldn’t mind recommendations for Celtic/Irish as well because I was told there’s Irish and Danish ancestors in my bloodlines but figure the Nordic would probably be easier to get learning/research materiel recommendations for then the Irish deities.

In case there’s someone who doesn’t know it the Bikings were Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish and were part of the larger Germanic language group of tribes way back in their backgrounds (think Germanic back in their backgrounds as being in BCE but they did share deities Woden/Odin Thor m/Thuror or done spelling like that as late as the 800s CE) and the Vikings had settlements in the area of Ireland near present day Waterford. So with being told I have Irish Danish ancestors (not by occult seers but by adoption records) it’s only natural I’m interested in my ancestors beliefs and dieties but I don’t really know where to start.

On YouTube, I think his channel is Norse Magick and Beliefs - theres a lot of people on there that will direct you to the books Havamal, Poetic Edda, Prose Edda and Voluspa. You can find these on Amazon. The Eddas are actually written by a cristian dude who is most definitely biased and perhaps even lying to make the Vikings look bad out of jealousy, since they actually bathed and smelled nice as opposed to the Brits who bathed every 6 months or so. But since all of our history was torched by the church, these are the only accounts written of that time that remains. Check out also please Arith Härger on Youtube- archaeologist, historian and all around likeable guy, lots of videos on the Vikinger. Skål!


This. Also Survive the Jive, Freiya Norling and Jackson Crawford. The latter has an excellent translation of the Wanderers Havanal and explains the poetry and translations with pronunciations on his yt channel.

And then this is a great reference book

And check out for using the runes for divination and self development.

Finally use the search at top right for more spells, contemporary practical discusions and more suggestions.

Lol: the Britons, not the British, just to be clear! :joy: I’m not sure this was the case either. It was a thing said about a lot of peoples by types like the romans, who lived to think themselves superior me everyone else.


Vexior has a book on Gullveig, which he equates to the Norse version if Kali. It is quite a dense read.

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First it is better to study good translation ( in your language) of HÁVAMÁL, EDDAS, VÖLUSPÁ Vafþruðnismál, grímnismál, HYMISKVIÐA, ÞRYMSKVIÐA ,ALVÍSSMÁL etc.
The best study comes from archeological books.
Then you can also read some Icelandic magic book, even if there is christian influence in them you can also find authentic norse magic practice if you study carefully to understand how they are construct.
For example the Sorcerer’s Screed or various Galdrbok ( not the one from Stephen Flowers).
Runic poems are very important to really understand the genuine meaning of the runes and dont forget that most ancient poems come from the saxon runes or futhorc ( 33 runes) and not the elder futhark.
There is many ressource even in the LHP current ( not all are good ) as some author from these currents comes from norse country and try to revitalize some magical practices.
Lars Magnar Enoksen has some good books about authentic galdr practice and norse tradition.

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