Best or Most Important thing you've ever done with magick

This can include Evocation, Black magick, possession, divination, etc.
But what is the best thing you’ve ever done, in your eyes, with any kind of magick? Or the most important thing (for yourself or others) with magick?
Really Like to hear stories from you all!


Over 10 years ago I went to Cuba and was given initiation into Santaria, very old lineage (which apparantly leads to initiation to “Paolo Mountanas” (not sure of spelling). I recall it might have been Path of Power, or Mountain Path. Long story short, when I returned to North America I had an issue with a landlord (slumlord). I happend to remember a magic practice I was taught (to write something down on paper and place it somewhere on my person for 1 day). Within less than one day (like 12 hours later) I found that not only was the slumlord’s chronie in jail for some crime, but the landlord actually apologized for his Assholish behavior to me and my roommate. It was a little scary (afraid of my own power?), And I never did that spell again. Maybe too powerful. Be careful what you wish for. Was concerned that if I overused this it would reflect to me. May look into this spell, now that you have reminded me of it. Thank you.


I’ve helped people conquer their addictions with the help of Opfaal.

I’m currently working on spreading the influence and power of Duke Cohzier around my town which is in the middle of the Bible Belt to eliminate some of the stranglehold Monotheism has in the area.


How do you help addicts? How is it done?



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For me - as it stands currently - propably the revelation of the Devil Gene.

It truely stirred some eathers. :stuck_out_tongue:



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Yopm me? I’m really curious

The best thing I ever did was healing a family membrer from a critical condition caused by an incredibly rare disease. The disease was caused by some the spirits I follow, due to animosity between me and said family member, which wasn’t intentional in any way. This was confirmed by the spirits themselves, which was intended as a lesson to grow, traumatizing but effective. In short I healed their illness in large part by using runes, stabalizing the critical condition enough, so medical professionals had the opportunity to remove the tumor that caused it, to fin out what it was about and also treat them.

Here’s the link to my old account, if you want to read more than my summary:

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I used Andromalius to expose a so called animal ‘charity’ that abused Dogs and sold the unpopular breeds not saleable to a local University as cadavers for Uni students.

The list of abuses that went on there was a mile long. It was in local news with lots of volunteers giving testimonies of abuse. The Council covered it up I used Andromalius to bring hidden things to the surface and punish all evil deeds. He did, as always. He is a remarkable spirit who I can’t thank enough.