Best method for doing planetary magick

Please describe the method or book you use to work with the planets. Venus, Jupiter, Saturn. All the planets. Please I need help I don’t know anything about it

The planetary magick course mind and magick sells is really good, also the methods in Jason Miller’s work is really good. He has planetary magick peppered in a few of them and one focused on it.


I use Jason Miller’s planetary seals from his book Advanced Planetary Magick.


What equipment do you need for it? Jason millers book.


What equipment do you need for mindandmagicks course?

I just checked on amazon and it’s not there where did you purchase this book?

No equipment is needed, though you can dress up the invocations however you like.

For example, when performing the invocation of Jupiter, you could dress up in a suit (or whatever makes you feel successful and magnanimous) and raise a glass of expensive whiskey while you invoke the benevolence of Jove.

However, it is completely optional.

There is an exercise in the book where you place the planetary seals into your aura which is very useful for bringing all the energies of the planets into your life, and it only requires visualization.

The book is only available in pdf format on Miller’s own website. That’s where I bought it from.


Yes thank you for this. I appreciate it a lot. Always grateful for your help!

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Same as with miller’s nothing but your self and some discipline unless you wanna dress it up more.


Thanks, I ask for mindandmagick especially because his style of magick requires a lot of preparation and equipment. Thanks

If you mean his personal practice then your right, but that is because he is a western ceremonial magician who sometimes does goetic work TO SPEC, and that is alot of work and effort but each aspect of systems he uses have a purpose. The text he works from doesn’t require tools in the beginning except some discipline to stay constant.


Yeah he has very useful information