Best meditations? Also a small question

I’ve been doing standard meditations everyday and I’m getting results but does anybody know a more efficient & powerful method of meditation/practice that can raise vibrations, clear your mind, open 3rd eye etc.?

I feel this question can help a lot of people… Link me any youtube videos/websites/threads etc.

random question… what is the real reasoning behind crying out for an entity? It’s been happening when I do Lucifer’s sigil meditation

Any help is much appreciated, you guys are amazing.


Hello, this site contains very good meditations with powerful results, I personally do not like some things of this site but I am objective and I can tell you that they have very good things, one of them is meditation.

Personally I do not “crying out” to an entity, or maybe I do not understand you very well, I would say rather: “establish a relationship with an entity” the reasons are many, you can go to the search bar and look for information about the relationship with an entity and the multiple benefits that this can bring for your personal advance.
I hope it helps you.


Search ,EA Koetting Blue Ray meditation’’ on youtube.All you need is an indigo candle and I hear that it is very good meditation.


I’ve been experimenting more with mantras lately and seem to be having good results. The mantras I’ve been using are Om Krim Kalikaye Namah (for protection as well as overcoming barriers and fears) and Om Namah Shivaya (for spiritual awakening). Since starting them I’ve felt a big shift in a very short period of time. Stress is more easily managed, I’m much more patient and just overall feel much lighter and better.

For third eye specifically I’ve found “Lepaca Ajna” to be effective, repeat as you are focusing on third eye opening. I’ve felt lots of pressure building in the center of my forehead while doing that. You could also try mudras for each chakra you want to open, some people like them and have success. I personally find some positions uncomfortable and therefore more distracting than helpful. Just do a web search for chakra mudras and you’ll find them all.

I’m not sure what you mean by crying out, it’s not really effective to cry, beg and grovel at their feet if that’s what you mean. Go to them with respect but confidence and assertiveness.


Thank you for the link. I’ve been on this website some time ago and I understand why you don’t like some things there… me too.

Yes, best to ask the entity that you’re working with although people are extremely helpful on this forum.

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Very helpful, I will note all of this down. You’re great.

Crying out in a good way, you know that ‘‘happy cry’’? I’m cautious about everything I do, it actually makes me feel a stronger connection. People have different experiences but I’ve read that this is quite common to occur.

Thanks for your time.


Oh, ok I understand. I had a similar experience when Lilith first showed up in my dreams. I woke up nearly immediately after she spoke to me and it was emotionally just a great feeling.

Also his Power meditation, though there is no video for it:


Thanks, appreciate it.

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Years ago I felt vibration, like a strong electricity throughout me, in response to a regular practice of some exercises from Ramacharaka’s Raja Yoga:
the mantras “I am a center of power and influence”, “I’m immortal and cannot be destroyed”, the meditation of imagine myself almost as a Sun, center of the world etc.