Best Magick book?

I want to grow my abilities immensely? In your opinion whats the best magick books I can read?

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Good morning!!

I’ve recently started practicing magick as well maybe 2-3 months ago now, & what’s helped me so far not only in magick but learning about demons & their powers is the book Demons of Magick, Three Practical Rituals for Working With The 72 Demons by Gordon Wintsfeild

He does ramble a bit but still a great read

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If you are looking for workable systems that give you a magical foundation and grow your power and understanding though working steps there are a couple reccomendations:

Initiation into Hermetics by Franz Bardon- it is a classic and has 10 steps. Each one builds upon itself and the exercise do not take much time to complete. However it has aged and it is translated into English, so the wording is a product of its time. Its not unreadable mind you. AND there are a lot of resources on this one tome alone, lots of commentary and articles to help you get a better understanding of the system itself.

Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis: 18 Flames of Initiation & Lessons in Godhood by EA Koetting- A more modern working system. If you have read a lot of books about magic, then you will see similarities in the techniques presented, however near the middle of the book, past Flame 5, things start getting more unique. It is worth looking into and the system does have merit. I am currently working through this one and have found it to be both refreshing getting back to the basics (only on Flame 4) and challenging. The book is slim, but that is because it doesnt mince words and gets right into building your practice and working your mental and psychic muscles.

There are tons of other systems out there, but those are the ones that have really helped me grow.


Ryce, seems to have said what I would have.

I Haven’t read any of Koetting’s work outside the BoA. But I will whole-heartedly second the recomendation of Franz Bardon’s “Initiation Into Hermetics”.

It can depend on what you want to do.

In my experience, anything by Gallery of Magick can be a good place to start. The suggestion from @Hippyhair is a good one. Demons of Magick (or 72 Angels of Magick) can be great.

Otherwise, if you are willing to pay some money for rapid growth, E.A. Koetting’s courses, “Mastering Divination” and “Mastering Evocation” are both excellent. I wish I had gotten them sooner than I did myself. He also has a series of great books. Become a Living God, Kingdoms of Flame, and Evoking Eternity are all worth checking out.

In addition, you can learn heaps by researching topics. Many things have been covered if you’re willing to dig a bit. Good luck adventurer. Your quest awaits!