Best incense for money spell

From your experience which is the best incense for money spell?I bought some dragon.s blood and an incense that says is attracting the money but it doesn.t say what type of incence is actually.

I have used incense sticks by Anna Riva called Money Drawing Incense. They are green in color and come like 24 to a pack for around $2.49. They do well and they are made specifically for money drawing. The price is lower than most incense brands, but the smell is potent and so is the smoke. Nice earthy smell similar to sandalwood. The site I buy them from also accepts AUD, CAD, GBP, and Euros.

On yeah and patchouli incense sticks seem to work well. The most effective thing would be to burn some raw dried mugwort herb in a charcoal burner. They also make patchouli in a raw dried form.

Thanks very much , my mum just bought today some patcholui sticks that i had no ideea about!

Just be aware that a lot of “money drawing” and other condition incenses out there are fake synthetic stuff. They only work to help your mind and don’t add any real power to the rite. I recommend you just mix together your own herbs and burn them on charcoal if you want the real shit.

Cinnamon powder makes quite a good money drawing incense. Pine resin is decent as well (though not as readily available). I can’t say I know of any “best” one though.

True, the “best” incense, comes from own personal experiences. What works for one magician may not work for the other. Actually, I bought the money drawing incense at first because I really loved the smell, it was distinct and different but I am aware that many of those incenses with a pre-determined purpose are money making scams so When I bought the money drawing pack I decided to charge them with my intent. Just as you can consecrate a sigil, ritual tool, statue, you can also do this with incense.

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Yes, but if you are not used to burning cinnamon or you have sensitive lungs or spasmic lungs like asthema you can find yourself literally choking on the powder as it burns. There are 2 ways to combat that problem. You can buy cinnamon sticks instead and crush them up into little pieces, not so fine that it becomes a powder, just little pieces. Then you need to sprinkle something on top that is flammable as the sticks are usually too dry to stay lit on their own. Do not use lighter fluid unless you plan on accidentally asphixiating yourself indoors. I would use olive oil, sprinkled in a tiny amount, it’s enough to keep the sticks lit and will not produce a nasty smoky smell like lighter fluid would.

You can also dilute the cinnamon powder by adding in another herb, a raw dried non-powdered herb. Create a mixture so there is more of the additional herbs than there is cinnamon powder. The others herbs will cover up the lung choking powder of the cinnamon, but only add in other herbs that are known for money magick too. I knew of the cinnamon powder method, but did not mention it because of the choking thing, but when I saw your response I decided to post this.

I will try to use some cinamom with a bit of olive oil. The incense that i bought is from HEM Corp. made in India , didn,t use them before , hope to be good.