Best hour to summon demons?

Hello, so I’ve been working with Aeshma Daeva also known as Asmoday and Naamah.

I was wondering at which hour of the day is it best to invoke each demons. Anybody got that info?


Generally, the best hour to summon demons is 3am as it is the opposite of 3pm which is the hour that Christ died on the cross.
Asmoday is best summoned between 3.20am and 3.40am according to the Lucifer’s Tarot book.
Good luck!

The hour doesn’t matter unless you are working in a particular system, like the grimoire tradition, that specifies certain demons as either day or night.


It doesn’t matter. Certainly nothing xtian has any effect, unless you are a xtian maybe - there’s no need to impose such an artificial limitation on your own mind - and not from a system you don’t follow.

What DarkestKnight said.

I suggest you do not deliberately limit your own magik for no reason. I mean, why?

If you want to try it - search here for ‘planetary hours’, we just had a discussion about it and someone posted useful links you might want to look at.

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Agreed here, also if you ( @unkown1 ) are interested I posted a while back about a planetary hour app, its helped me alot in ritual planning could help you here as well

based on personal experience, i would suggest the night or evening, ive always had better results with evocation of the Infernal Kings at night, but it might be different for you, in the end its also the individual experience