Best Healing


So simple it’s hilarious—if you can, get yourself into a state of unconditional love and picture it covering over your friend like a beautiful rainbow… with gold included, surrounding their spirit… see the white birds of love flying into their heart, and realize you are ONE.

Here’s a story…

There is a woman who shall remain un-named… who Jesus took one night, and guided into the fiery pits of hell… she saw the tormented souls screaming, writhing in infinite pain for eternity–or so it seemed. They kept trying to reach for the light but they could not touch it, always just out of reach. Jesus protected her throughout the travel so she was not subject to the pain, but only the pain of seeing the suffering of others. He then blasted infinite Love out of his being, some of the souls were consumed by this love, those that were open to it… and they flew onto the heavens like white birds. <3