Best GOM book

What’s the best gallery of magic book you’ve read or there is? In your opinion.

there is no best. Each have it’s flavor. Just get the one that interest you. they are affordable and compliment and help you learn different process of magick as their is no repeat overlap method. =o)

They are good at making sure each book have different ways of casting. They focus on structure rather than content. which is what it’s about. Instead of one method with different subjects, it’s best to learn the formula and then you can tailor it to which magick to cast. That’s what a lot of magick users don’t understand. many too focus on spells rather then the casting formula blueprint.

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I have seen results with Demons of Magick and Magickal Cashbook,didn’t read others yet.


Im considering demons of magick as well

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My favourite was Mystical Words of Power. But I don’t work with angels anymore. :frowning:

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