Best goetia demons to get social media famous?

I want money, fame, followers.

Would love to get lots of social media followers on instagram and tiktok.

Also make money doing sponsored post.

I think tik tok is the best bet to get lots of followers as you’re more likely to go viral on there.

Like people go viral for no reason at all like the top star on tik tok.

Like this girl on the left just made this video and went viral and then got millions of followers, fame, clout to become the most followed person on tik tok.

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Have you read the Lesser Key of Solomon and/or Demons of Magick to see if there is a demon which intuitively speaks to you as being helpful?

Also the search function on this forum might help.

From memory there also a few angels (or they might be angelic sigils/rituals, not sure if I’m remembering correctly) in a handful of Gallery of Magick books which are said to help with this.

Edit: Yep, check out 72 Angels of Magick.


I’ve read it. I just wanted experienced occultist to give their opinions.

Rules me out then. :stuck_out_tongue: Best of luck. But yes, as mentioned in my last post’s edit, if you are open to angelic work, there are angels in 72 Angels of Magick to achieve fame/fortune/recognition.

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I think you’re better off using a sigil or a servitor like XaTuring or one of your own creation.

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Superficial popularity makes me cringe, especially if you’re talking about tiktok and social media. I can understand one’s desire to be famous and rich, but you really have to earn it. Whether it be a skill in music, or some form of the arts that attract people. A spirit may be able to guide you, but you have to write the paper with pen that is given.


I’m also curious about this

Lucifer seems to be a deity who can help well with this.

I would personally go to one of my Goddesses for assistance. Heck it seems like a good project to undertake.

From what I read, Spirits of the Sun and Venus as well as the Moon can help with fame.

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From experience with one of my artists (musician) I would recommend Stolas. Build a working relationship with him and he will bring attention to your project. What is really important here is that you put ur own work and energy in it but this should be common sense I guess :slight_smile: