Best Forms of Revision for Exams?

Exam season is coming up for me. How and what do you do for revision purposes? I would much like to know so I can strengthen my own revision for exams

What do you mean by “revision?”

The root of revision is “to revise” which means changing some aspect of the original. When you revise an essay, for example, it means you rewrite aspects of it, and change a few things.

I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking for.

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Keeping the knowledge in your head during your exam. I’ve always known it to be revision to prepare notes and everything for the exam

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Huh. I have never heard of revision being used within that context before. :thinking:

Keeping the knowledge in your head would simply be a function of memory. Preparing notes and everything would be study aids, or memory aids.

So, how do you usually encode things to memory? Do you have a preferred method?

Research has shown that memory is encoded mainly through stimulation. You will retain more if you study under the influence of caffeine, for example (but don’t overdo it to the point of losing focus).

Adrenaline is another way to encode memory, which is why traumatic experiences tend to be very deeply ingrained.

Excitement is another way of committing to memory. Try to make up a game using your notes.

Music boosts memory retention so you could make up a tune and sing your notes. Then you simply have to hum the tune under your breath and you will have instant access.

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its called retrieval, i took psych

encoding -> storage -> retrieval

mastering the retrieval is the hardest part and it comes from repetition

high repetition and good sleep will put all those things you learned into long term potentiation (working memory you can retrieve)


He means review, as in review of material. And a really great way is the method of loci.