Best form of first contact: advice needed

been absent for a bit but still practicing/learning.
i’ve been reading “deamons of magick” by Gordon winterfield as recommened by a few people from the site, and think i’m ready to try my first attempt, but not sure what ritual i should do?

there’s 2 options (technicly 3 but i’m only trying to decide between the first 2 )
the first one just involves writing my desire on paper and burning it. while the second involves communing with the demon.

while the first one is easier and helps to get your desire straight to the point, i’m not sure if it’s sufficient for my means?
i’m wanting to set a timeframe (so i can attempt again if desires aren’t met within timeframe) and also gauge if the demon is capable of fulfilling my desired outcome or if they’re only able to do so much?
was also possibly thinking of using my tarot deck to help decide, but not sure what type of draw would be ideal, a single card, or something more complex like a mandala or a celtic cross?