Best fabric paints for making floorcloths

i am going to buy a 6 ft x 6 ft Black canvas in order to make Universal circles, and other styles of floorcloths. i want to be able to paint it on, then iron it in really good so if i put it through the washer for cleaning it will not mess up.
i made one floorcloth for Belial, but i used common house paint, and as it is on a yellow old table cloth, it is quite dirty and I know will turn to hell if I wash it.

Anyone know about doing such things ? what is the best product etc. I would appreciate it. Got lotsa work to get going on.


Any arts and crafts store should carry fabric paint of multiple different brands and types. On the back of the bottle it will say if its washer safe, what fabrics it can be safely used on, etc.

Check multi-purpose arts and craft paints as well; some have multiple different mediums they can be safely applied to.

^ Good advice - also try to get a small sample of the cloth before buying several feet of it, and test those out, see if they scuff when you tread on them, how they crease, even how they smell, as well as washability and how they take the paint.

Anita’s All purpose acrylic craft paint and Americana acrlyic craft paint, they both come in small plastic squeeze bottles and they cost around $1.63 American, occasionally on sale for 50 cents to 99 cents each. Best ones! Liquitex is always an exceptional brand but they cost like $14-$16 per tube.

Frater, I use a black cowhide, it has small white dots randomly scattered, which are perfect because when I’m sat in the middle, it represents my COSMOS - all that is.

I don’t know what prices and availability are like for these where you live, mine came from Argentina and cost about £50, and I set the intent ahead of time to get one that was harmonious with my goals - just an idea, if you’re looking into a long-term and personalised magickal tool.

Also, don’t forget something to sit on - a cushion stuffed with old clothes, carefully folded and a layer of upholstery foam over the top is a LOT better than the floor after about 25 minutes! :slight_smile:

I’ve got one of these:

Also serves as an emergency guest bed, worth keeping an eye out for deals online for this kind of thing. :slight_smile: