Best entity, or other magical working for influencing/changing the thougths of the group of people?

As in title, what or who would you recommend for this? But more details:

  • I have no direct access to or acquaintance with people in this group, and will never have.
  • It is not about gaining position in this group, more about changing their thoughts and behavior.

To my mind comes Dantalion, but maybe you guys have something different?

Personally, I would go with King Paimon rather than Dantalion.


Dantalion has proven useful in my experience one of the very few entities I will actually work with that is a demon.Though without direct access I would say go the route of psionics or radionics. Then again is this worth the effort or is this just an experiment to see if you can? If you will never have access to them it doesn’t sound like they are all that important or meaningful.




@EnvyCat As I have read he can bring death to the person the conjurer points. It is not what I seek, but I assume he can make other things?

@DarkestKnight Paimon is interesting, I didn’t think about him

Vepar is psychologist but also the warrior one
She can manipulate but she have powers like Belial also.

So if belial can give you lot of money, change your life bring someone then Vepar can do the same thing

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