Best entity for enslaving

yes, that’s right :slight_smile: and i got the answers :slight_smile:

Which is?

this answer

Belial and paimon believe in free will. Why would they help you?

@Abigail be my slave”

You did ask

i did not ask! i quoted you! why the hell would i want you to be my slave?

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King Belial and King Paimon believe in whaterver you want to believe, i have been working with Belial enough to know that. and as for Paimon the few encounters i had with him were to empower the self, not giving a fucking fly about free will, he is a mind manipulator.
everyones has a position about them so if this is what you wanna believe in then :slight_smile:


I absolutely love this forum.


This kind of brings to mind the love slave ritual performed by JS Garrett, so perhaps Astarte?

that’s exactly what led me to this question :rofl:
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I’m so confused lol is this for romance or to force someone to do as you ask lol

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Either way my answer is going to be belial simply because he can do it whether it’s romantically or not.


i got you confused
so i want to enslave a guys to do whatever i want, now the guys is cute and rich so it does not hurt :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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How do you know they’re in?