Best demons to help disabled people?

And where is the evidence? In my country that would be defamation, slander, libel, serious injury, something like that, but a crime nonetheless. I hope you can get some good money out of them so that another day they don’t go around speaking falsehoods :imp:


Update: after one month of many rituals everyday and the release of my anger. SUCCESS!!!
A lawyer helped me get back at university! And of course king Belial helped to destroy them in court too!!!
It was amazing how fast Belial reacted against the tyrants of my university.
I worked with king Belial, king Lucifer, king Paimon, Odin, and many other demons from the book Lucifer and the hidden demons. They all helped me greatly!!!
Also now the university will be investigated because they were disrespecting disability laws in my country. The federal government has opened a investigation already!
All I can say is Hail King Belial!
Hail King Lucifer!
Hail King Paimon!
Hail Odin!
Hail to all the demons that helped me too!
And thanks to you guys here at this forum for giving me good advice and telling about the book Lucifer and the hidden demons!!
After I did the ritual for king Belial one day later my lawyer called me saying that I could go back to university.
Belial is truly AMAZING!!!


That is wonderful news. I’m super glad that justice is being served, and that the injustice was exposed. On my end, I worked with the djinn kings under King Paimon (Labal and Abalim) to help out. Glad that it is working out for you. Awesome work @BlancheNeige !

What wonderful news! :star_struck: :star_struck:
Hail to all the spirits that helped you!



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We’re all disabled.

Godspeed & :metal:t6: Peace

I’m very sick at the moment and requested a leave of absence to the university. The doctor said I need to be at the hospital for a month for treatment.
The university doesn’t agree and is threatening to expel me again.
What is the strongest curse that I could use to make them stop harassing me?

Call forth Satan