Best demons to help disabled people?

As much I’ve read about experiences of Black folk in the USA, being ND on top of that, I also assume you know that the USA is a 1st world country, and Brazil is a 3rd world country, so is the country I’m from.

Things are and will be different, including the legal system, economy, the education system, etc, so I also will assume that you understand that OP being in a 3rd world country, things will be much more difficult for them. And the struggles of being Neurodivergent you already know.

I will not derail this thread further, therefore this will be my last reply to this thread. Being in the situation I am now, because I obviously won’t be able to speak for Blanche, if I was in the US I would’ve changed my career and let go of my hardwork. But being where I am, I can’t let go of it. I’ve spent sleepless nights finishing assignments and cried myself to sleep because of all the stress. I’ve had meltdowns in lab and walked under the scorching sun to get to my classes.

I’ve broken mirrors and went through difficult times for the sake of my education.

How could I let it go, just because some people wanted to kick me out?

I fight tooth and nail to go somewhere, I fight tooth and nail to stay because I earn it. My college seat will be because of all the blood, sweat and tears I’ve poured into it with my passion. All the emotional, physical and mental investment.

How could I let it go?

If I did, I would look back and regret. I’ve done it before, I regret it.

Also, I see you’ve had a bad experience with a therapist. Even I did. Among all the ND people I know including myself have all had bad experiences with therapists till they found the right one for them.

Not all therapists are narcissists. Some are, some definitely are, but not all. Good ones will listen to you and help you navigate, help you understand yourself and heal, but they won’t give you advice on your life. They can give suggestions, yes, but not advice. What you want to do in your life is in your hands, therapists won’t tell you what to do because if it goes wrong people will attack them.

This is all I have to say, and will say. I hope I’ve gotten across what I wanted to convey. Good day to you, Oflameo.

And to you, Blanche, I wish you good luck. Strength to you​:muscle::purple_heart: and may those corrupt people have a taste of their own medicine.

Good luck to the magicians doing the workings as well :muscle::purple_heart:


The cold war has been over for over 30 years. We are fighting for hydrocarbons against our emotions now.

Yeah, but I don’t understand the differences and they goal yet, and I am asking for an explanation. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t go to Yahweh first when you are subject to a Yahweh controlled institution and you want to be subject to it instead of leave it? I don’t understand why you want to ruin an institution’s reputation and then have your name framed with it in a marketing document called a degree. This isn’t making any sense to me.

I had this attitude too.

Not a psychotherapist. Every psychotherapist I visited or read to date. They all have to same script, there are a couple interesting ones that go off the script a lot ( Peterson, Vaknin ) but at the end of the day their ends are the same.

Are we making progress or are we playing corrupt musical chairs? This is a serious question. I will change my personal approach for my projects too based on the answer.

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lucifuge Rofocale perhaps, as he administers and guards pacts and does things in absence of the light. Sounds like a lawyer to me. Or to reveal whats kept secret. In my new names post, some names may apply to him.

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Maybe we call take a step back and breathe.

The first thing to consider is the OP, @BlancheNeige. Whatever she wants, should be respected. Let’s focus on what OP stated wants to be the desired outcome, which means saving the Yahweh and therapist stuff for another thread. I can make another thread, if wanted.

@Oflameo It, the university, has been named in private.

I have been following OP’s lead, and what she wants the outcome to be. Regardless of our personal feelings, we can continue to be cordial.

Also, @BlancheNeige do you have a link? I’m impressed with how quickly our allies have been working. I’m actually shocked.

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@Calcined I think the link you posted didn’t go through.

yeah, I was just fixing it, thank though

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Obrigado por compartilhar isso comigo, você é maravilhoso!

Edit: translate to, Thanks for sharing this with me, you are wonderful!

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I don’t care if they don’t want me there. They will have to swallow their prejudice and let me finish my studies.
Also, the laws in my country don’t allow to change to another universities when you are in the last year of graduation, unfortunately.


I have an alliance with King Belial and I share his opinions about Yahweh.
Besides the only God controlling this institution is the God of money I think.


I’m fighting hard because I want to be an engineer. I don’t care about the name of the institution printed on the paper later.
I love knowledge and building things and what I’m studying right now is my childhood dream.
I will keep fighting. Thank you for the support!


I wonder if the university needs their secrets exposed. :thinking:

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What happened in the first years you were studying there?

Did they only flip on you in the final year?

Did you have tutors or anyone in power who liked and supported you?

Also, can people please NOT post anything identifying the targets of baneful magick, and yes that includes with disclaimers/“in minecraft” etc? It’s one of our rules.

Many thanks. :+1:

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They caused minor problems in the first year to me. They messed up my schedule at first.
They always caused me trouble but after the diagnosis everything got worse.
I had one professor that helped me a lot but they fired him this year.
I’m truly sorry for posting the link before. I wasn’t aware of that rule.
Thank you for warning me. :+1:

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I’m using the book Lucifer and the hidden demons to expose them.
I talked with other students and many of them told me they had problems with their scholarships. There are many other students that were expelled this semester too.
The only ones that never had any problems here are the rich students.

This is not a school or private school, this is a facility that was setup up to scam people. WTF! I bet the whole autism shenanigans, is just a front to kick people like your self to the curb. Even though they did not specified that as a reason. I live in a western industrialized country and this kind of stuff don’t fly here. Excuse my french but this is just fucking awful. :cry:

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Here in Brazil people who have money can commit any crimes they want. It’s very sad…


As someone who is partially blind in both of my eyes I totally sympathize with you in this. The only time that I ever had any difficulties with education was K through 12Where the school had somehow come to the conclusion that I needed to be babied. I choose to give such people my pity because it takes a special kind of stupid to come to any sort of conclusion like that.

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In my opinion Schools that dont want to accept people with disabilities are criminals. These institutions should be closed. We need more severe laws for this, I think.


in my belief things like this cannot be solved by making more laws because it doesn’t override human free will… I think this is something that needs to to be enforced via social constructs.


I got a lawyer to help me with my case. We are taking legal action against the university crimes.
The university sent me an email today accusing me and my family of being rich and hiding money.
I wish I was rich but I’m not. They are fabricating lies and giving false allegations now. :weary:
I’m feeling very angry and I’m doing curse rituals against them everyday.