Best demons for popularity and influence over large groups of people

There have been some changes at my workplace. I need someone who has the power and scope to sway large groups of people to prevent negative workplace opinion. Who is best suited for a task like this? I can think of a few off the top of my head but I’d like to keep my options open and have multiple options if push come to shove.

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Thanks got it.

I got you. Give me a minute or thirty.

Amon Reconcile friends and foes,
Forcalor. 41 To cause a business or venture to fail.
Vepar. 42 To cause disease in names individuals or organizations.
Balam 51 To go on a particular mission, or take part in a project, without others noticing your presence.
Alloces. 52 To give answers to direct questions. Do not ask for advice, but ask Camio 53 To make those who oppose your ideas see your wisdom.
for wisdom regarding which path or project is most likely to come to fruition.
Orobas Prince 55 Promotions within an organization. To influence a superior to admire you without feeling threatened.
Orias. 59 To compel a named individual to assist you in a venture whether they desire it or not.
Andras. 63 To defeat a large group that you perceive to be an enemy. This power applies when a concrete conflict exists between two groups, and you wish your group to be victorious.
Haures. 64 To undermine, weaken and gradually destroy the business of an enemy.
Cimeries 66 To appear strong and charming, to command the respect of all who encounter you.
Amducias. 67 To cause somebody to bend to your will.
Belial. 68 To aid your rise through the ranks of any organization, over the course of months or years.

Bifrons – Make better plans than competition.


Not a complete list. These are influences from Demons of Magic.

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Thanks Fuego for putting together the list! Much Appreciated.

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Hands down Prince Orobas!!! :horse: