Best demon?!?

Although I am not at this level yet, what is the best Demon to work with in your opinion? I’m looking to grow spiritually and learn as much as I can with the “dark” arts and the world in general. Thanks!

Much depends on what specifically you wish to learn or be “trained” in.
Could you specify?

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This is like asking " what’s the best book?"
The answer depends on what you want to study, what level you’re at, what style of learning suits you, where you’re looking to go with it etc.


I want to be trained in magick for new experiences like astral travels, talking to the dead, and learning information about the world.

Soul/astral travel, necromancy, a greater understanding of magick and demons, etc. I have been meditating and breathing but besides that, I am a beginner. I’m looking to learn as much as I can from magick.

That answer can vary from person to person. Some people get along better with certain demons than others.


Paimon. However, check into Robert Monroe online and you can research Astral Travel from the Monroe Institute, along with Lucid Dreaming and Hemi-Sync(free downloads on the website) which can get you started.

Also, Necromancy can be learned as well through research and texts too. Surprisingly, someone I often consider a hack in most of his works does have some simple but oddly effective rituals in communication with the dead - the author Konstantinos.


Sounds like an ambitious list and more power to you for it. I don’t know if he can cover all the things on your list but Lord Orobas is reputed to be a great one for beginners and quite knowledgeable.


King Paimon.


Reminds me these guys in MMORPG’s that ask “What class is the most OP??” because they want to play with whatever is considered OP from others.

How about you focus on the things you want to achieve (for now at least), find which Demons can help you with that, read about them and pick what suits best for you?
Every class (…or…Demon) can be OP if you learn how to play :slight_smile:

Like Lux said, I’m not looking for an OP demon. Rather, I’m looking for suggestions for the best demon to work with who teaches the things I would like to learn. In addition, I want to hear other people’s experiences to see what demon worked for them and why. This isn’t a say all be all post. I am just trying to get opinions on who I might work with in the future.

Describe your personality to me as well as things you wish to learn in concise order. Try to list them as you would any list. Put the skills you want to learn in priority. (exempli gratia

1 astral projection

2 Evocation

3 et cetera )

If you do this I could better give you some recommendations.

@Urallesse For my personality, I am more introverted and I prefer to stay more organized (despite my room’s current condition). I tend to be more of a traditionalist and more conservative but I care for the well being of poor/elderly people and animals. I have always been more fact oriented which is why this is a big step for me and I prefer a specific order in life which is why it’s hard for me to do this (everyone seems to be everywhere). Lastly, but the most important, I have very high ambitions in life and I need to fulfill those ambitions.

What I would like to learn in order is…

  1. Astral projection
  2. Evocation
  3. Necromancy
  4. How to mature/grow spiritually

I learned a lot of things from a Demon that’s not a popular one, at least not in BALG… So, honestly, it depends on you and the connection you will create with them. What worked perfectly for many, might not work the same for you.


How about you go through a list, like the Goetia, pick 10-15-ish that appeal to you, and if you feel like taking a more proactive approach meditate a bit on each seal and go with the one who reasontes with you, or print them off put them in bag and let your intuition work through you to pull the best one to work with.
Atypically you will get more demonic mileage finding the one that wants to work with you the most. And especially if you put your intention out there first.
(Disclaimer: make sure you do your homework, get to know who ever calls to you, and perhaps LBRP to make sure you don’t get an imposter)

Lucifer or Lufiuge Rofocale tend to be best according to most. I have had very littly experience with these. I would recommend Lucifer. From wahat everyone says he is quite patient, he is also very helpful. He seems to be best for you


Lucifer is a Fallen Angel, not a Demon. Similar, but not the same.

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I have met someone that may be able to give you some advice on your project.

You mean my big operation that I’m doing? Feel free to send them my way if you wish. I’ve been getting a lot of insight and advice from all over the place.

Baba Yaga :two_hearts: is the best entity for beginners i think i started with her :woman_shrugging:t2: