Best Demon to wipe out the competition?

I see. Indeed I try to give a general answer, not just aimed to cover your needs but to be helpful to many girls who may read that topic in the future and may have marrying option in mind too. And in your case, you will simply exclude that option.

So then if you do not want to marry to him, again with the help of Lord Rosier,Duke Sallos and Duke Dantalion you will have the upper hand in love department.

Do not attack who is around one by one but try to cement your position and make yourself irrestible to him. That will yield better results.


What would be the best way to evoke Lord Rosier? Using his sigil and just asking for his help? I’ve not worked with him before but had considered it. Also does he work equally with women and men? I’m a women wanting to drawca man to me. I know he feels the same way but there are obstacles in the way. Thanks

Yes using his sigil is one of the best method.

His enn : Serena Alora Rosier Aken

His sigil : 28-AM

He is one of the fallen angels, formerly of the Order of Dominions, Rosier is the demon of love, lust, seduction, and tainted love. When summoned he appears as a stunningly beautiful man or woman, assuming this guise whenever possible in order to tempt people to fall in love.

One of the modern illustration of Lord Rosier

Yes he works equally with women and men, his main contribution is mostly based on love and deeping love, I may say. Hence love is universal, there is no any kind of gender constraint. He deepens love between lovers, in reality you know, when lovers experience true love, they are obsessed with each other in a way, they base all the world on their love, nothing is and nothing can ever be more important than their love in the world

Scientifically the brain is full of dope when you’re in love ,when you are with lover you feel like you are in heavens and his/her absence can be really unbearable from time to time. Lord Rosier may help you to achieve that effect on your target, he activates the effects of true love.

However, I have no idea what kind of obstacles are in question between you and him but depending on the obstacles for sure; if they are not easy ones I strongly suggest that you evoke King Belial so that you may overcome these obstacles with ease.

Good luck :slight_smile:


Hey thanks for the info and advice! Much appreciated. I think Lord Rosier is in the KOF book? I have it but not read it in a while. I need to go back over that and a couple of other ones.
Ha funny you mention King Belial because it’s been in my mind to call up I him for a while now but I have not yet. But last few days keep seeing references to him everywhere. Almost as if he is saying ‘Come on. What are you waiting for Then?’ :slightly_smiling_face: I guess I have been slightly hesitant because I know how powerful he is and a little wary perhaps? I have not worked with him before. But this new book Lucifer and the Hidden Demons has a ritual with him in there. And it fits my purpose as part of a strategy to remove the obstacles. Ah it’s complicated.

There’s someone else still on his life that is hanging on but the relationship is dead really. She just won’t move on. Plus he has fears of a deep relationship so I’ve been told in readings etc. His feelings for me are deep and he is scared of them, so I keep being told. I think I’ve come to the point where Belial’s help is needed to push this other woman away. She’s not an occultist but seems to be tough in that, despite other magic I’ve directed at her, shes still around. I think shes just tough so it might take time to break her down. This is why I thought - if anyone can do it, King Belial can. And the fact you mentioned him out of nowhere when I was not even asking about him is more confirmation I think that I should work with him. So thanks! You helped a lot.

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No, he is not from Kingdoms of Flame. He is actually from a book called The Encyclopedia of Angels, and has since become a popular spirit in demonalatry :slight_smile:


You can always ask on here

This is not relevant to this thread. Nothing wrong with your thread but please stop spamming any and all threads with it. :slight_smile:

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If your end goal is wanting money and luxury from him, why not just do a spell that would bring you these things effortlessly (maybe winning the lottery or another sugar daddy who doesnt have other girls)?

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I’m currently doing money spells as well.

Rosier… Eros, Cupid, Etc.

Which one pls?


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@DarkestKnight How did it go with your neighbour? Did your rituals work on moving him away?

No. It failed. He burned the house down.

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Ummm…what? Please explain

What’s to explain? The annoying neighbor ended up burning me out of my home.

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Damn that really sucks I’m sorry to hear that. I guess the spell still worked though since he can’t be there either

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Did you use magick to get him? How did you find wealthy sugar daddy?

So, your neighbor burning down the house would be a perfect example of unintended consequences.

I wonder how this girl and her sugar daddy ended up.


I know this an old topic but I;d love to know if you had success with hiring the person off fiverr