Best demon to make a week of hell nightmares

Today I had an unpleasant meeting with three stupid and stubborn randoms on my property. They deserves for a punishment. I want to evoke a demon, who will be tormenting them for 7 nights of the most horrible nightmares you can imagine, which will be connected with my property, because they need to know why it is like this. I know most of them have power like this, but if you know the ones who suits best, I’ll be hapy to read it. I want them be so scared that they will not get even close to my home.

Normally I would just put a simple curse, but I want they know why they have this awful dreams. Thanks

and what will you do when people give you names ? You cant evoke spirits for the moment.

Sorry, can you be more precise? And, spirits always know for whom to seek. I just want do this and forget.

ok, Marchosias is my choice for today.

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