Best demon to help fill someone with lust for you?

What demon can I invoke that will fill a person with lust/sexual attraction for me ?

There’s no best, because it’s the entity that decides to work with you or not. Many can do this job. Asmodeus for example!

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sitri as well

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Alcohol and flattery are exceptionally effective inner demons for most.

Ozzy Osbourne referred to alcohol as a demon in his song “Demon Alcohol” so it counts.
Flattery appeals to not only vanity regarding arbitrary physical beauty. Flattery about artistic ability, grace, or just a pack of generic nonsense that appeal to idiots:

I love how you handle yourself.
You speak with such confidence.
I find your ant collection riveting. (EDIT: I had ‘aunt collection’ lol)
Nice sweater.

Booze em up and throw sugar at em.

Consensual only! Anything more than a couple of drinks and we’re in rape territory, so don’t do that.

Do it the right way and you can find lustful release, and might even get a second date. Do it the wrong way and those demons you used will land you in prison where you’d belong.

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Asmoday can help