Best demon to destroy someone's love life?

So if someone parted ways with you and you assume it’s because someone else is in the picture, which demon or spirit would you recommend to make sure none of their relationships work? Also what phrasing would you use? Something along the lines of…

“Destroy and completely annihilate any romantic & sexual relationships that target has with any person other than me”.

Would that suffice? Does anyone have experience with this? Thanks.

check out gaap. His power is to cause hatred between partners. I think hate is good trait to break them up. If they don’t break up, at least they suffer with hate on each other.

Hate isn’t the opposite of love, indifference is. I would rather him just lose interest in anyone else.

I’m not saying hate is opposite of love. you brought that up. IF he hate someone in partner then he might get traumatize and it affect future relationships. Once hate is there, it affects by filter of hate in future relationships.

And the saying ’ love is not opposite of hate, it’s indifference is a quote that is going on cuz someone famous said it. ’ It’s a quote , its not true. If you look at yin/yang. . hate is opposite of love. However, i’ts not important. Important is you getting results. definition matters little to those that want results.

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I would imagine any demon with the potential to cause love can also do the opposite. I would recommend evoking and asking. Either that, or just evoke one or multiple demons dealing with love and emotions and ask them to reverse anything romantic in that relationship.

Asmodeus is perfect for this.

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Why just focus on love, that is very limiting

A better place to begin is what you already wrote here “None of their relationships work”

Which guy is your target? The older or the younger one if this is related to your post from Jul 18.

If you keep attracting the wrong type of guy, I would suggest working on you. Attractive today is based on current state of mind, your needs at the time. As your needs change and you evolve, so does what attracts you tomorrow. Being sure of who you are and what you want is a better starting place.

I would also add that love spells only work where love is involved. Since this does not appear to be the case for you, you should be looking into rather binding and controlling so your spells are in better alignment with your goals.

Ask Asmodeus what to do. Last time he told me that my target was going to destroy herself because she wouldn’t be able to live without me, so I just kept living my life.

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Demons: Lilith, Zepar, Sitri, Beleth, Sallos, Vepar, Gremory, Dantallion, Furfur.
Gods: Aphrodite, Aset, Frigga/Freya, Parvati, Bes, Qetesh, Ishtar.