Best demon to call upon to increase focus and attention

I think I have mild ADHD or something. I can’t focus fully when I’m doing something. It’s not too serious though but still really causing me a lot of problems. I don’t wanna become dependent on medication too much. Is there any demon that I can call upon to increase my focus and alertness?


I will comment here simply because nobody else has yet…

I heard a rumor that King Paimon was good for helping students. Maybe this translates? I dunno, do some research and check with your intuition.


ADHD isn’t he inability to focus at all. It includes the ability to hyperfocus on stuff that interests you, and to get distracted quickly on tasks that don’t interest you - and you focus on those instead.

It sounds more like “Brain fog”, or fatigue or some other issue. I’d start by looking at my diet, sleep and overall health, maybe get your nutrient blood levels checked to ensure you’ve got enough of things like the B vitamins etc.
If you’re unfocused because you’re getting sick, no daemon can help that, you have to figure out and fix the underlying cause.


I really like and support that point of view !

Also I wrote in my little self-notebook of magick and everyday log to use Vapula Nb 60°, I noted him as a study demon that I’ll try later in the year (a few weeks before exams), that would be able to help one to acheive longer period of concentration and better memory along with other benefits

May you try him before me maybe :stuck_out_tongue:

PS : if you do evoke him, of course I don’t have to say that his domain is not to give you the motivation to be more focused, so you’ll need to put yourself on the line as it’s not his purpose


Maybe Haagenti can help.

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I’m just assuming things but whatever it is, it’s been with me forever as long as I can remember. ADHD or not I still think a spirit would help me on this. I have a lot of things to get done.

updates on where i can see ur log