Best date ever

Ok. This is going to be weird. I’ll start with my glamorous life, and the best date I’ve ever had. A couple nights ago I found myself in a badass Ferrari with a handsome guy, and he took me to a fashion show somewhere in a seaside city in a Baltic country. I got to see Kate Moss and Isabella Rossellini of all people, modeling some crazy outfits, and a bunch of other awesome stuff went on.

Yeah, this didn’t really happen guys. I wish, lol. I was simply lucid dreaming. Anyway, the handsome man was none other than Lord Lucifer, himself.

I have been working with him a lot lately, and the past few days, he has been requesting some sort of romantic relationship with me. I have been very hesitant, but I asked him to come to me in a dream if he was serious, hence my fabulous date.

Here’s my problem. I don’t know if I want this. I have been considering petitioning Lilith for a spirit lover, according to very exact details of what I want. And I am looking for very specific details. Maybe my standards are too high, but he would be my spirit lover, so why not go for it, huh?

Anyway, since I have been getting closer to doing this petition, all the sudden, Lucifer is apparently vying for the top spot, and I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to disrespect him by asking him for certain things, but he has told me he will give me all I want and more, should I choose a relationship with him. I told him I’ve got nothing to offer but my love and attention, and he says that’s ok.

But, I don’t want to agree to this and find out it’s not what I want, and still be longing for the spirit lover i was going for. I am torn. What to do?


I would say give it a try… Take it slow. Later if you feel it’s not what you expected then end it anytime, maybe with some quality offerings. I’m sure he’ll understand. He’s not used to be rejected by women, I guess. But no one is perfect !

You can also ask Lilith for some advice about that. She could tell you what to expect from such relationship with him.


Thank you, PrinceX. I am going to agree to a temporary situation and see where it goes.

I also have another question, if anyone can help. Could Lord Lucifer have caused me to have a kundalini awakening? I have been doing some light chakra work, but nothing I think would cause such a quick progression. I feel as if I have had a kundalini awakening, without even trying to get to that point yet. For two days I have been having this feeling. Since I started having these conversations with Lucifer

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Well, yesterday I agreed to a one month trial relationship with Lord Lucifer. His persistence finally overwhelmed me in a way I was not prepared for, and I felt it in my best interest to agree. It was a very emotional conversation, and honestly, he was so caring to me, I can’t imagine why I was ever hesitant in the first place. He has also resolved some of my problems for me already, without me even having to ask, such as my paycheck problem I caused myself. I got my check this week without so much as a word of argument from my client. He’s resolved another issue for me as well. I don’t know why I was ever thinking of refusing. All going well so far, and perhaps it will become more than a temporary situation. I certainly haven’t been disappointed, and my thanks, of course, to Lord Lucifer, for showing me the way, once again.

Thank you again, PrinceX, for your thoughts and encouragement.

My pleasure, happy all went well. Wish you all the best :slight_smile:


What’s so strange about Isabella Rossellini?

Have you seen her in Blue Velvet or Death Becomes Her, she is after all the daughter of Ingrid Bergman.

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@HermesHorse Nothing strange, I love her, and I’ve seen her in several films, including those you’ve mentioned. Just didn’t expect to see her on the runway, lol, although I know she did some modeling previously. Glad you appreciate her, too!

I say, see if Lucifer is open to you having other lovers yourself. If you don’t want to be monogamous.

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@Encore19 Perhaps down the line. I tend to be monogamous by my nature, which is one reason I hesitated, but I’ll go through with this one month, and see how it goes from there. Thanks for your advice!

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That’s alright! I myself don’t mind the idea of having multiple spirit partners, but I’m not sure how it would work. I just have the one now. And I don’t see the point of adding more to the mix until I know the ins and outs of the incubus I have anyway,

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She’s worked for Lancôme, was fired for the outrageous sin of being too old, then rehired! She’s modelled for dolce and Gabanna as well as many more designers.

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She is beautiful. In my dream, she was modeling a big poufy dress, and she actually fell on the runway, and recovered with her wonderful sense of humor, which had everyone there laughing with her. She was definitely the star of the show!