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What up my friends? It’s been a while since I’ve been active. My career and my business have kept me very busy, along with becoming a father. I’m looking for creative curses. What are your favorite methods for terrorizing your enemies into insanity? To clarify, I know how to curse and I know how to inflict fatal blows. However, baneful magick is an art, as are all forms of magick, and sometimes there are special circumstances which call for special consequences to be delt upon a motherf***er. C’mon and share. If you don’t want to share your dark secrets openly, you can PM me. I recently developed 2 curses which I will share privately but not publicly.
The first deals with people who will not keep your name out of their mouths. For instance, twice recently, a sonofabitch called the police on my friend and told lies to try and get him in trouble. These lies could lead to felony charges. So I channeled from Azazel a ritual that would directly affect the target’s threat chakra to silence him for 2 weeks, while also rendering him unable to effectively communicate in other ways such as typing. The second deals with sexual predators. While I would like to kill them all, it’s not practical and it’s quite a drain on me to raise that kind of energy. So again I channeled a ritual from Azazel that would directly affect the sacral chakra of the target, to remove his libido almost entirely, as well as physically affecting his genitals, taking his ability to have an erection and causing pain and other forms of discomfort I will not disclose.
In both situations I feel justified. So what’s up.


I like the idea of writing down a long list of demons from the goetia, grimorium verum, kingdoms of flame as well as any others the magician is confident with and then evoking them night after night (or with as much time apart as the magician chooses) until the victims life is destroyed in every way. And then after you do that ritual, maybe doing the sorts of curse that are done by the magician’s own power if their hatred and lust for the victims death starts to return again.Though that’s maybe a bit obsessive for some, I think it could be treated like a powerful path working and is potentially a good way to get know new demons or get closer with demons and learn new things. You can also of course stop if the person stops bothering you which they probably will before you end up killing them if it’s done over the span of several days or more. To any who might try this I recommend balancing it out with purely self empowering workings as well if it’s going to take more than a few days to finish.

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I have nothing I can suggest as I am too new, but I wanted to say congratulations on obtaining dadhood.

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Thank you! It’s the greatest experience I’ve ever had.

I posted my soul binding/stealing rite on here a while back, feel free to use it. It shorten life and assures no reincarnation until you are ready to release them.

The method I posted is the bare bones version, feel free to modify it as you see fit, as it could become an everlasting torment rite fairly easy.

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I firstly go ‘no contact’ with the people and sever all ties. These people usually have personality disorders and thrive on imbalance and lies and drama.

I then look at their weaknesses. I then attack those with my Demon of choice.

I find Andromalius is excellent for shutting up bad people who constantly smear others and get others involved in bad talk and harassment. He worked for me totally in under a month.

A business stole money from me. I hexed it with my DOOM ritual and all of the staff involved in the theft and used my darling Lucifer. The staff got ill and a whole host of nasties and the business is now closing.

For most things I find just severing ties like @anon88243269 mentioned works wonders. I’m cutting off their supply by doing that as well as any influence.

A particularly nasty offense would be tailored to the individual and what was done. For example, hurt my family and I’ll take away something you love. Lie about me and I’ll expose your dirty truth. Abuse me in any way and I’ll make you feel exactly what I felt for eternity.

That’s what I usually do. When I’m unclear but feel like a serious wrong was done I give it up to Lucifer. I ask him to handle it however he sees fit since he’s in position to see and know more. And that itself is better than anything my brain could conjure up.

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