Best breathing exercises to enter the Rapture State?

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I’m trying some breathing exercises taught by Joy of Satan. I tried once for getting on a trance and I believe it worked, because I was very relaxed and my body was all floppy, but I couldn’t do it again. Does someone knows any kind of breathing that enters quicker in the Rapture State (besides Koetting’s breathing method)?

Thanks in advance.

I think more important is your ability to relax and let go. when you can do that your breath follows suit. Of course basic breaths like jason miller’s in “the sorcerers secrets” are good to know but for “rapture” I’d suggest using progressive relaxation cd’s that are layered with theta tracks and or hypnosis as training wheels .otherwise I suggest abdominal breathing

Also you have to find something to lock your eyes on.If your eyes are moving here and there,you’re getting impressions of light in your mind and this can stop you from entering the rapture.Koetting knows what he’s talking about.These states can be triggered by vision.I’ve tried many times to go deep only with breathing exercises but it didn’t worked without having something to rest and lock my vision on it.

Another angle of what dron has written- (also a big factor in Taoist NeiGung), is releasing the tension-binding in the eyeballs themselves (also the optic nerve)…
but a slight start is as mentioned above, not look here&there, but also not actively “look” (or “reach-out with eyes”- ie as if hard-pushing… )

  • how to describe that thing we seem to do with our eyes… not pulling it in, and not reach out with vision, but just receive it… as the light just arrives… that can start the eyes feeling how to allow ‘sight’ vs doing… first step)
    I’d say rather than the ‘breathing’ doing- espec as some other pop-authors of this subject write about… just allow it to do what it does, and have a feeling ‘almost-like’ remembering something,
    a slight nearly-deja-vu…
    and also sort-of just about to figure something out (an Aha, on the “tip of the tongue”)…

a feeling sort of between all 3 of those… felt (not thought of)… -feel that, as wonder… as you do the thing your doing to rapture…
and as things start to how to slide with-it (as the usual “reflex” is to feel is change and ‘oh-stop that, reset’)

as Casteneda wrote, -Summon by “beckoning” with the ‘shine of your eyes’ [of your I(s)] … we perceive and conceive the “world” (both ourself- what we are, “how” we are & how the world works & our place in it) per the Assm-pt, so not only as it changes, all that changes (which we subcon resist and thus reset)…
but also how we understand the world is from that “context”… change that and that “context” changes… try and “think” we you normally do, and you reset it… if “think” in the new Assm-pt pos - it won’t be the same-kind of “thinking”… [all the pop-magick books, espec forum-blogs, seem to ref the mind state of during Workings as the same as if writing a note, or planning the Rite… vs it being in a different ___ as if another -person is thinking using your brain… if that makes sense.]
I think that is the main issue of “rapture” I’ve seen hinted at in posts here, a personae that is Deep in the Rapture state… how would they view the world? and yet if see things (speak to yourself to ‘say’ what is next), direct your action… from the “normal” mind-set, is like snapping your-self out of a dream… jerk awake (the dream fades)… stay dreaming? (need to fit to those terms- achieve cohesion and uniformity to that place-space/context)…

anyway- hope that might add something

Once again, I’ve got to thank you guys very much. It’s nice to see people helping each other.