Best Book For Angel Sigils

Been looking into working with Raphael and some of the angels. Which book would be the angelic comparison to the Goetia.

This might be useful:


evoking eternity has some


Awesome and this not only has the names and info but the sigils as well?

But it is sold out is it not ?

buy the ebook. you can get it at barnes and noble actually so no its not

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Awesome :slight_smile:

Google is your friend, also.


This may come a bit late…
But i have purchased the book “Angelic sigils, calls & keys” from Ben Woodcroft. You have over 140 sigils to each angel. You also learn how to perform the rituals to petition them in different areas of your life. Hope this helps you :heart:



Always welcome! Nice price to.

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Thank youu

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Daimon Brands book Angels of magic 72 sigils with complete instruction

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I absolutely second Damon Brand’s Angels of Magick as well as his Archangels of Magick.

The Archangel one is POWERFUL and carries everything from basic sigil work associated with 12 archangels to invocation, evocation, and a divination ritual.

The book on the 72 directly corresponds to the Goetia as they’re the Shemhamporash pantheon and both them and the Goetia come from the lesser key of solomon. Their published current has been developed and tested over 30 years and …you can tell it’s a lot better than most of what’s on offer.

I’m an admitted GOM fanboy. I’ve completely transformed my life in less than 3 years through them and most of it came in the first 6 months. I’d start with them every single time.

Evoking Eternity has a lot of great material as well. It never hurts to have options.


So some of the angels in the 72 are goetics? I’m sorry if I totally misread what you said there.

It’s a pantheon of 144 Entities. 72 Demons of the Goetia, 72 Angels of the Shemhamphorash. Each Demon corresponds to a certain angel and they work very …very well together


out of curiosity as I don’t yet have the demon book, does GOM state the corresponding pairs?
I have all of Brand’s angels. archangels books

Yup, I believe they’re listed in order as well. Whatever is #9 corresponds to Paimon, #32 corresponds to Asmodai, #68 to Belial, etc

The demon book also lists 3 emissary angels that are unique to each shem angel as well. It’s a brilliant ritual structure

thank you!
I’ve been eyeing it for a while

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Interesting! You just peaked my interest heavily!
Also super interested in seeing who corresponds with King Paimon as he apparently rules over both legions of angels and demons.