Best angel to bring people together?

Can anyone name angels or a list of suitable angels to bring people together?

It’s love related but it’s not a love relationship.

I’ve been trying to act as a mediator between my siblings. I want to bring them closer together.

There’s a lot of past hurt, emotional blockages, pain, childhood trauma, misunderstandings and stubbornness involved. From both sides. My sister is the more sensitive type whereas my brother has difficulties expressing himself and opening up.

My mother is very hurt over this, especially as there is family history of this occurring right, left and centre. I think it’s time to bring at least my siblings closer together.
I’ll be spending Christmas with them and i would like to see everyone getting along and actually talking to each other. I may add. Everyone lives long distances apart and I’m travelling the furthest to see everyone but we will be meeting at my Mum’s place.

I’ve been thinking about calling up on angels or an angel to assist me with opening up their hearts. To have more understanding and love for each other. To help them heal from the past.

Now this is kinda unknown territory for me and I’m not sure who will be most suitable for this task at hand. Also how do you thank angels afterwards? Do they accept offerings like demons?

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Hariel can “Bring Peace to A Home” and would be able to help you have a good Christmas when everyone is under the same roof.

Kevekiah can “Bring Peace to A Family.”

Yeyilel can “Heal Sorrow”

Chavuiah can “Increase Love” especially within a family.

Mahasiah can “Bring Peace.”

Source: Damon Brand’s 72 Angels of Magick.


Thank you @DarkestKnight
I will look them up. :slightly_smiling_face:

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