Best advice as occultist for learning how to invest in stocks?


What Goetic spirits are best for helping to learn how to invest in stocks and do it successfully. -and what books, YouTube, information do you suggest for learning? Also - what resources do you suggest to begin getting into investment?

Clauneck would be my suggestion as he’s great with trade, currency, investment, money, etc. Although you could also add Pent’osch to arrange circumstances to align to your intent and plus derail negative potential outcomes simultaneously Suhn’tal’ock to bring forth the vision of your desire to an actuality. These three would probably be a great team.


Not financial advice

Just buy the S&P. Unless you really know what you’re doing, picking stocks is just pulling the slot lever. Oh my god it went up with the market, I’m a GENIUS! Don’t delude yourself and just buy the market. Look at where the market was in the 1920s. 100 years later, doing a bit better.


Are the entities you listed angels? I will like to work with them

Although it’s a lot of spirits in my humble opinion goetia is for fast result’s,no stable future,tru demons astaroth Lucifer mamon etc are more stronger,I personally get a numerology book and check grimorire verum for spirts from there,I will pick small stocks Angeles not so much.too slow,maybe a seal, a 3 weeks ritual to any spirt you feel call,

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You can use Astrology to predict the Stock Market/Crypto. Some of the most successful investors of all time have used Astrology.