Benefits of working with Thoth?

I’m thinking about invoking Thoth but was wondering in what areas can he help me with ascent??? Does he even help with ascent???

I was researching some stuff about him and it said one of his areas of skill was with magick…

So my question is can he help with magick and help me with meditation like other spirits have?? Or is this not something he is very savvy with?

He’s a God of Knowledge. So yes.

meditation isn’t something you need an entity help with as it’s literally just focusing the mind, but yes.

But I think it’s like why not have a spirit guide you in meditation… because at the end of the day I still feel that meditation is a skill and any where there is a need of skill the master will come

I honestly wanted to summon Thoth because I feel like he can teach me secrets of opening up my 3rd eye

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Lol … he’s probably the most helpful god of ascent it’s literally what he’s dedicated too , Alchemy and evolving your conciousness , knowledge and shifting into higher perceptions of reality


Thoth was the very first God I worked with. He is great if you want to understand hidden mysteries, learn the Occult secrets of the universe. You can show him devotion through your writing and scholarship. Remember, Isis learned the secret of resurrecting the dead from Thoth.


The third eye is never closed, however he can if he so chooses to help you practice working it as you would any muscle.

No secret , it’s like a muscle, if you practice the things of reality is corresponding with , ie imagination , siphoning information from the ethers , jt gets stronger over time

He is someone who can help you to develop psychic abilities.I work with him to empower and balance my chakras.

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All forms of academics fall into his domain.

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