Benefits of raising your vibration?

Does raising your vibration increase your manifesting power? Or what are some other benefits as well?

I think it depends on the individual, I can shift my vibrations of my energy by will and it doesn’t really change anything besides how fast my energy vibrates and generally keeps me from being harmed by energy that vibrates slower or faster than it.


Yes, changing your “vibrations” can increase your manifesting power because, essentially, it means that, like a tuning fork and a piano string, you become in energetic harmony with what you seek so that like attracts like.

If you vibrate with the same energy as wealth, for example, then money has no choice but to come to you.

Like @Velenos mentioned, being in a certain energetic vibration can also protect you from other lower vibrations. However, holding a high vibration when surrounded by lower vibrations is very difficult, and we’ve all had experiences in life in which we were having a good day, but then we are in a situation where everyone is just bitching and complaining so our entire energetic vibration drops to match the surrounding energy.


How do you change them by will?

Vibrations are just how fast or slow your energy is moving, some call it high or low I guess. Anyway, while others associate vibrations with ideas of positive and negative. I don’t really add all that to it and find vibrations to be pretty much what I recently mentioned. So with energy manipulation I do that.

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