Benefits of omnipresence?

So I’ve been soul traveling and am learning to be at multiple places at once, but in your opinion what would be the benefit of being omnipresent or just being multiple places at once.


@Illumia isn’t this what you do


omnipresence mean that you have open “command center” or “hub” or “lobby” where you can be reached by your alias…

It is usefull if you have alot of contracts, especially with living, or with persons that have urgency on physical bodies, so they can continue their programming or activity with your “omnipresencent” being…

It is also called RNA

You have to be pretty advanced to actually benefit from it. since earths current doesnt love spirituality or multidimensionality but a fake reptilian torture and prison system… so its actually rare that you even have your thoughts on omnipresence (percentually)



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Gathering information from multiple sources at the same time, though personally I wouldn’t call it omnipresent because you’re still limited to how long and how many projections you’re capable as with any entity or individual.

Bi-location or nigh-omnipresent if anything.


Oh no, oh no, oh no no no no no lol


Sadly true, but to be fair I think it was usurped,
and I think we can take it back. But that’s like an abused partner trying to get away from an abusive spouse, it’s not so easy and they really need help.

Were already omnipresent, but on a level of being where we aren’t consciously aware of it Day to day.

To ask what the benefit is, is like asking what’s the benefit of having feet?
Do you like being able to navigate on your own or not?