I recently been really pulled to Belphegor…idk how, I been on the left hand path for a bit now, I just usually let the spirits choose me. Recently it’s belphegor but I can. Not found any information about him. Some of the information that I did found online…is wrong. I can hear him in my head saying “that’s not it” “keep searching”… and I been doing that for months now. From what i can heat from belphegor himself when I try to listen to him, it seem as that he is a magician…an alchemist but not just a regular one, one that creates technology, science…and he want more people to work with him. I was just wondering if anyone else had experiences with him ?

I don’t. Is he a demon ? Im glad you said something about him bc I did a tarot reading on myself a few days ago (morn, afternoon, evening spread) & in my evening card it mentioned some kind of letter of exchange . Then in my dream that night I wrote a letter to someone . A demon I think . We were discussing terms of such. & I think it may have been belphegor that name sounds so familiar

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