Hello everyone … Now has anyone ever worked with belphegor energy before . I’m making his sigil carved in wood to to facilitate communication with the demon,financial prosperity. … Any suggestions any one

I wish I could give you more info but from my research (not practical experience) he is great at giving you ideas but not the motivation to see it through.

Thank you. Orismen … I do appreciate your input

Perhaps I ll try the abramelin squares for now …

Buné was quick and friendly to help me some days ago, maybe he can help you.

I dreamt that I’ve caught Belphegor taking a shit a few nights back. Startled him. So from now on I invoke him only when defecating.
Idk, sounds pretty legit, I hope to see results.


Bumping this for the simple reason that he keeps popping up to me and I want to know if anyone has any experiences with him they can share so I know what to expect before formally summoning him.

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well i did the pact, although used my own stool instead of blood. Kind of disgusting but hey, in India and many other countries, people wipe their own ass with their left hand, instead of toilet paper. They wash their hands with soap afterwards of course.

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What was the pact for and how did the operation turn out? Did you get what you pacted up for?