So recently I had a dream well I guess you could call it that about Belphagor it was just his name repeated a lot and the only picture I seen was a post about him… I just did an evocation of him with what little information I have.

He appeared to me as a tall man with a male dear head… any advice would be appreciated and if any of you have any experience with him I would love to know thanks guys


He had a pig’s head when i was working with him, also had a very bad attitude to match how ugly i found him.

But then again i was working with the Qliphothic sphere of Thagirion so that might have had something to do with it.

Advice? Don’t take anything he says personally.


I think that’s the sigil I used for him couldn’t seem to find another one pulled it out of the book of the witch moon

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Definitely Belphagor? Not Furfur? The description sounds a bit more like him but hey they don’t necessarily look how you expect.

I mean it could have been but pretty sure he was expecting me to evoke him

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Also the sigil I used looked a lot like a dear head so maybe I just imagined it (I don’t think I did tho