Belial's son

Some satanists with mediumistic talents, confided to me that i was an astral son of Belial. There would be another me in the dimension in which Belial lives (my true self to whom i will rejoin after death), who is his son. The fact is that Belial never appeared to me. I am skeptical.
Have you ever heard such stories?

It can be possible. Some folks on here are having child-parent relationships to spirits and giving themselves the identity of “daughter/son of XY” (me included).
I just would be careful with what mediums claim you would be. It is the best option to find out for yourself or else you will rely on what others think you are.


I do not believe such a thing is real in your case , you should disregard whoever that is unless you want to go mad

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Point proven.


The way they word it sounds stupid as heck (no offense) but it sounds like an exaggerated way of saying your soul was once one of Belial’s children (which is not uncommon, belial has a shit ton of children) it simply means if you were to etheric project you’d take on the form of your true self which is a child of Belial, and if you were to pass away and assume your true self/form.

However, I suggest learning to scan/soul dive yourself, don’t disregard it but hold it with a grain of salt as you collective information about yourself, there’s many people who are reincarnated who are related to certain entities in some way, shape, or form.


I think my skepticism helps. I only wondered if it could be a hypothesis, albeit remote, at least for some people and A_Pariah seems to confirm it.

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Maybe if i manage to communicate with Bune, i’ll try to ask him…not immediately, of course.

It always helps.
If you feel that there could be a hint of truth towards it you could always reach out to Belial and ask him right away. And if you feel that there is absolutely nothing about it either its okay, too. But the best option is to see for yourself (and probably to keep some of your new discoveries away from your ultra medial talented friends to see if their claims can hold up to your own findings in the meantime. If it was for “talented mediums” I would be a mother of 3, a lonely business man in his 50s or a victorian widows ghost. Neither is true).


I mean external confirmation is good, but I mean internal as in you learning to scan/soul dive yourself as well.

There’s one other person here who had a past life as a child of Belial but for them it was just a past life, not their true self.


I haven’t heard from them for years. I frequented them because they were beautiful girls and one of them said she was my mother (astral) … i am a pretty dark-skinned … but nothing to do … so they seemed a little crazy and i let it go.

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thats kinky

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The fact that they studied on the site of the nazisatanists of the Joy of Satan … however much they disassociated themselves from those racist doctrines … would explain some things …