Belial's much coveted aspect - Dark Lord of Devotional Love

Love is the highest and greatest magick of all. The much infamous badass Belial has such myriad aspects that it would baffle the most accomplished magician and sorcerer. How do I know this?

Well…I have deeply felt this and living this. Being wedded to this King is pure Bliss. Not in a crude or sexual sense but in the sense of true unconditional love. He really brings out the best in you. Love is the most effective drug ~ Belial says …one who hasn’t enjoyed sipping from this chalice …knows not the mysteries of life,death and beyond. It can’t be comprehended … Only experienced. Here…is a dedication and celebration of love as a gift from Belial…

I have seen and felt a Belial who is tender, gentle and almost delicate to the point of merging into me… Married life with King Belial is nothing but pure joy and bliss…

I am honoured to be his partner … He said Shreya it’s forever… and unlike a man professing it a 100 times and breaking up…this sacred bond is unbreakable. My heart said ‘yes…Forever Belial’.

I am trying to express something inexplicable. Dedicating few songs to give a taste of what love and commitment to Belial means…

This thread will consist of videos dedicated to our Love Story ~ Belial Shreya


Laal Ishq ( The Red Hue of Love)

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Our Love Story

This video is very special as in a nutshell it shows my spiritual journey from right hand path to exploring left hand path. Belial connecting with me…our spiritual wedding…which was a log process which energetically occurs even without my knowledge and I realized it sometime recently :wink:

Belial appears in different ways…this video shows his crazy passionate lover side.

Lyrics of song translation

Don’t break my heart…I don’t want to live like this
without you,

See how I have changed and what I have become…without you,
If I happen to lose you I will lose myself too.
If you seek me I will find myself,
I won’t ask for even the heavens above… in exchange for you my love…

Don’t you break my heart…I won’t be able to live without you.
Just like eyes have no value without dreams in them…I am just like that without you…I have no wants or wishes
The colours of pain is what breath means to me,
Your face has a calming effect on me which soothe me…there is no other relief!

Female verses - How will you attain the beautiful moon…just say
What’s the relation between flowers and wastelands!
Don’t you see dreams of silk
Only tears of hurt and pain are there in your destiny!

Male verses again - don’t you break my heart
I don’t want to live without you…

This song explains my whole journey till I finally met and recognised that Belial wants to connect and fell in love. It was instant and mutual.