Belial's legion

Can anyone tell me a little bit more about Belial’s legion and encounters with his helpers/assistants?

I woke up from a dream this morning in which i encountered a spirit belonging to Belial’s energy group. This is kinda the best way to describe it because it had his energy print and was somehow connected to him but wasn’t him.
I haven’t met any of his helpers before but this one was interesting. A goblin/gnome type of being. In my dream i woke up in someone else’s bed and this little entity greeted me. It asked me to introduce myself then it shook my hand and welcomed me. Sadly i got woken up by my son making a lot of noise in the morning before i could ask any questions.

The night before i fell asleep after i had astral sex with Asmodeus. Not sure why i woke up from a dream in a dream in someone else’s bed :joy:

Took me all day to be mentally present. :sweat_smile:
I’ve been kinda on autopilot since i woke up.
Everything’s sore. I must have had a busy night in the astral plane. :smiling_imp::laughing: I can’t remember anything else. Like a hangover from a night out :joy::joy: Funny as hell.


Belial is a saturnian entity, so the gnome might also be associated with Saturn, which embodies death energy which might explain why you feel drained. The gnome might initiated you through the death current of Belial (handshake) or invites you to learn more about him/it. I am not aware nor did I met any gnome that belongs to Belial, but he is a great teacher and provides his students with guides/teachers that he seems fit.


King Belial is strong with the powers of Earth (as in the four elements, earth, water, fire, and air). I have heard earth-element spirits described as “gnomes” before, so this matches with your experience.

Earth is the power of stability. Whereas water brings chaos and erosion, earth brings solidity. Perhaps there are new changes in your life which should be stabilized and made constant.

Earth is also associated with material wealth - the gold of the earth. Perhaps there is a pattern in your life which, if stabilized, will bring you material abundance.

Earth is also tied to sensuality and sexuality. Perhaps you are entering a time of an improved and increased sex life, should you stabilize the beneficial powers that have been building in your life.


Thank you @Alakir and @shinri for your input. :slightly_smiling_face:
Appreciate it.

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My version of the Goetia by Mathers has a Editor Foreword which mentions a ritual made by Crowley

"His dairy for 1924 preserves a ritual entitled ‘The Brazen Head’; his postcript note p.64 referring to an increase in Belial’s subordinate spirits as a result of his work dates from this period

You may want to check it out

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Thank you @C.S I’m very interested in
A. Crowley’s work.

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