Belial's knowledge of chakras,and the houses of hell

For quite some days I felt belial calling me, seeing everywhere whispering me, feeling me getting expression of him

So I lighted 2 candles drawed his sigil charged it and chanted
“itz ra cha belial, belial belial belial”

I felt a earthy darkness around me
I tried to communicate with him and he said

“focus on the crown”

"it helps with spiritual connections it specialises in every spiritual ability along with the collabations of others
Each chakra is divine those hold the gateway to the void and all, each of them are portals to one’s supersoul and all
Nothing can explain the full potential of them "

Can you tell me more about the houses of hell?

" each infernal house is a group of demons with common attributes and interests like a education and change the physical world
They are many houses but they are subgroups of the primordial ones
You already hold the key into your hand"

Belial can you increase my sense of spiritual communication?

“You already have it, they key is trust”

I have hard time trusting it

“don’t judge it, simply trust it and go with it”

Then he said

“we have work to do together,Christopher”

“you have dreams that you don’t realise are going to be nightmares, be self aware, awareness is key to power”

Belial can increase my clairsentience?

I focus on the the outside, like trying to feel whats around me

He said

“see? You need to work by yourself”

The end.

Ah it rains, it feels amazing to be at night only lighting being 2 candles and be with belial!


Great to see he’s helping you with a similar thing I asked for help with.

He showed me a crown when I asked a similar question.

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thats interesting
aslo when he said crown he meant crown chakra

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Yes. He definitely did mean crown chakra. I’ve been working on awakening my 6th chakra wave and Belial said to focus on the imagery he presented to me.

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