Belial's divination

Ive been working with Belial for a while now usually meditation techniques and i realized that when i would ask belial questions whether out loud or by thought my head would sway back and forth or side to side as in yes or no and i would like to know if anyone else has had the same or similar experiences? To me personally its been a great tool to use wherever i may be


I’ve not worked with Belial (that I’m aware of, though I’m an idiot).

I’ve had this experience with Mysterious. For me it can range from hand/finger movements to head movements. Mine feels like someone is pushing my head in a certain direction. Hand movements it feels like I can’t control my hand for a brief moment while the action happens.

No not like that. I can hear him. He talks to me.
I’m usually able to sense his presence. He also likes to be touchy feely :sweat_smile:

It’s only difficult for me to tell if it’s him when there is more than one spirit present at the same time, which does happen.




I work with Belial and lately I have used a pendulum to communicate with him. I didn’t always use a pendulum. His energy was a way he has communicated with me.