Hello, I wanted to know if anyone had any experience with the Belial King demon. He will hear prayers even without doing a specific ritual.


There are a bunch of threads talking about their experiences with Belial. For example, King Belial experience


What exactly do you wish to know? Narrowing down what you desire to know helps but many of your questions will be answered around the forum. I’ve worked very closely with him and still continue to work with him till this day.

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My pops is nice and af

I work with Belial primarily. He is one of my best friends. There are many very potent rituals you can do with Belial. But to start off do some simple sigil gazing with chaniting his enn. Then use that energy to meditate upon. He will show you what ritual to go into. The ritual im preparing for is a elaborate one with many conjurations, black mirrior scrying, communion, that will hopefully result in possesion and channelling. Before you get there. Try enn chanting sigil gazing and meditation first. Go from there. You will be shocked at the potency of Belial when you give yourself to his spiritual essence.


In particular, Lord Belial has certain talents so as another member already mentioned it’s of great benefit for you to have a clear idea of what it is you’re desiring beforehand.

I would not go to king Belial for love work, not to say he can’t do it but it’s not his area of expertise. But if you have financial issues or wanting a job, desiring other people to put you on a pedestal and view you highly or involved in a court case… lord Belial is a great option for you.

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Belilal is great as said in a previous post hes a great friend and just invoking him give you strength is a terrific rush