so the weirdest thing ever…
belial and i don’t have a great history, it’s personal so i won’t put any details but what i can tell you is that it wasn’t great at all and it was my fault, he didn’t do anything wrong at all. this was about 3 to 4 years ago.

now today when i was taking a shower i was getting interested in belial, it gave me a lot of anxiety because i have been thinking of apologizing to him for my bad behaviour in the past but i havent done so yet, i wasn’t even sure if he’d show up.

after the shower i started to read about him on this forum, peoples experiences with him, what to expect, his personality yeah you name it and to make it even more weird i feel even more interested to work with him. i have NEVER been interested like this, to make it even more ironic, i had these thoughts it’s funny if i start working with him in the future and guess what, im thinking of it but still it’s weird. is it me being interested or can it be his influence for my interest? because i’m about 90% interested so far.

why not 100? well mostly because of how anxious i am due to our past AND i’m addicted to nicotine and i don’t wanna quit, perfect sacrifice yeah? well no i don’t wanna quit at all and is it really a must? wtf should i do… is it him calling me or is it just me being interested? bruh imagine me calling him and he slapping me so hard that i fall into a coma


Spoken like a true addict.

If I were you I’d keep reading about him and if it feels right I’d invoke him to apologize and from that you two might talk about your interest in him as in if he’s the one calling you or if there are any hidden reasons for your interest in him.

Now this is the funniest thing I’ve read today. :sob: :joy:


dude nicotine is the reason for my happiness and it’s the only thing that calms down my anger issues.


As I was watching this video I felt the need to post this video here.

It may be both. It is possible for Belial to wanna work with you and for you to wanna work with Belial. I can’t speak for you, but consider that sacrificing smoking for a certain number of hours or days will really get his attention.


Belial made me quit smoking.

Belial is one of my main entities and he never wanted me to quit smoking :woman_shrugging:t2:
But his nature is earth so he is very grounded. Earth means also body like eating food, fitness, health care…

Maybe you could find something different as smoking?
Sounds like you smoke very much…I smoke aswell but reduced it over the years…

Since it’s been 3-4 years I’d say He wants you to contact Him and reach out.
You’ve grown over these years too maybe there was also a misunderstanding back then (as we don’t know what really happened back then. its ur business afterall not ours). I work regularly with King Belial never had anyone say that He wanted them to drop their addictions.

if He really didn’t want you to be reaching out to Him you wouldn’t suddenly be thinking about His name nonstop, He won’t be dropkicking you into a 3-4 years long coma LMAO so really it’s all good

I think it’s Him trying to reach out to you and fuel your will to apologise to Him and make it up. Make sure to bring a good offering when you contact Him again, a bigger one as it is an apology

I mean that is why people do all those drugs and stuff to keep grounded. People who don’t care about being grounded at all can just throw all the drugs in the trash if they don’t give a shit about functioning in society at all.

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It’s Lilith and I :joy::pensive:
I thought I was the only one experiencing that kinda thing. It makes me mad alittle bit because I don’t know if it’s just me doing it or if it’s really her. She’s been in the backround since I was in middle school. The thing is though, I’ve never actually talked to her nor have I actually seen her. We messed around for two years and never really got anything done. ( it’s a long fucking story and this is your post, I don’t want to steal your thunder bro.) But yeah dude same shit, I would have to pull away because of my parents or I would question if she actually wanted to work with me. Just that strange back and forth but it always felt like she was trying to pull me back in ( when I would give in she would fucking leave for days and come back)
My point is, is that your not the only one feeling that. I’m at the point now that just the thought of actually talking to her and hearing what she really thinks of me makes me physically ill. The status quo remains :neutral_face: