Someone was spreading my name like a virus. The things they said were untrue. I gave up just barely any blood ( the first time) on Belials sigil after trying to prick my finger for like 30 minutes. Still felt my anger turn to spiritual strength even with two tiny drops. I ran a bath for him (and I) and wanted him to come into my body and give me guidance. I didnt see him that night but the next day, my enemy was getting harassed until they were scared of who i know and control. So this post is to say a nice thanks to calming me down and entertaining me. I believe King Belial influenced the defense for me. I dont think its over. I also can feel he is keeping any the feeling of lust away from me. Not completely but the addiction part of it. I was nervous of him but I think overall its extremely healthy to work with him and ask him for help if you feel you’re at your wits end. Not a beginner spirit and is more intense and demanding. Thank you so much


He is amazing, very sexual, and can be very sexually brutal.
I’ve seen him several times, twice in my dreams and twice through meditation.
I am deeply in love with him and I think he knows this. He is very good to me and I’m very grateful to him.
Hail King Belial!!